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Pre-Purchase your copy today and receive a free upgrade to the Special Runner’s Edition




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The film will be released on September 20th, 2014 in both a regular edition and a Special Runner’s Edition. Pre-order the film now and receive the Special Runner’s Edition for the price of the regular edition, with immediate access to the 30-minute documentary ‘Running Away from Nothing’.





A 30-minute documentary that follows twin brothers Jake and Zane Robertson, who have abandoned their comfortable , first-world lives in New Zealand to see if living in the running mecca of Kenya will somehow transform them into world-class runners.

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An extended and personal interview on the meaning of long-distance running with bestselling author (and runner) Malcolm Gladwell.


A short documentary on East Africa’s other running mecca, featuring Olympian Haile Gebrselassie and the Great Ethiopian Race.


An extended interview with ‘Running World’ journalist Alex Hutchinson on the art and science of long-distance running.


About The Film


Long-distance running allowed Wesley Korir to escape the grinding poverty of Kenya. But after winning multiple American marathons, including taking running’s most cherished prize – the Boston Marathon, he risks it all and returns home to help his fellow Kenyans create better lives for themselves. In what proves to be the most challenging race of his career, Wesley takes on a well-financed, big-party candidate to run for a seat

in Kenyan parliament, attempting to balance the frenzy of campaigning with the demands of marathon training. Transcend is the story of the elusive spiritual energy that is somehow forged in the intense rigor of long-distance running, an energy Wesley Korir is using to transform the nation that has done more than any other to change the face of the marathon.

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Wesley’s life was changed by earning a scholarship to study and train in America. Inspired by Wesley’s ceaseless efforts to improve life in Kenya, we have made it our goal to help promising young runners in Kenya get the training and education they need to follow in Wesley’s footsteps. Donations made to Wesley’s charitable organization, The Kenyan Kids Foundation will support school and training fees for young athletes in Kenya. Donations over $20 will receive a charitable receipt.

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